Our Projects

NY Civil Engineering has designed stormwater management systems for countless developments, with stormwater management plans incorporating on site detention and  water sensitive urban design. Stormwater management plans have been prepared for Development Applications, Construction Certificates and Complying Development Certification for these residential, commercial and industrial projects.

These are just a number of our projects demonstrating the diversity of the Local Government Areas we service, as well as the diversity of size and nature of the developments we provide professional stormwater management advice, plans and certification for.

Box Road, Casula

One of our earliest projects, this iconic home in Liverpool Council drained directly to Council’s stormwater system with only minimal manipulation of ground levels. Stormwater runoff from the pitched roof hidden behind a stylish concrete façade was collected into a hidden below ground tank before entering Council’s road drainage.

Georges River Crescent, Oyster Bay

This modern dual occupancy in Sutherland Shire Council consisted of four new dwellings on a single shared driveway in Oyster Bay. On Site Detention calculations modelled on highly accurate DRAINS software was used to minimise the OSD volume and entirely offset it into rainwater tanks sitting below the waffle-pod slab. Development Application went smoothly onto Construction Certification without any design changes.

Maroubra Road, Maroubra

These modern Alterations and Additions to a heritage building at Randwick Council utilised an absorption system to manage stormwater runoff. Liaising with Structural and Geotechnical Engineers produced the best outcome for the owner and builders.

The Esplanade, Sylvania

This dual frontage dual occupancy in Sutherland Shire Council consisted of back to back new dwellings on Edward Street and The Esplanade. On Site Detention calculations modelled using DRAINS software was used to minimise the OSD volume and an easement drainage assessment was undertaken to manage stormwater runoff on both sites.

Moreshead Avenue, Carlingford

Construction Certification drainage plans for this childcare centre in Parramatta Council required extensive detailing. On Site Detention (OSD) calculations and sections, basement pump calculations, surface collection points layout and new road drainage pipe design was undertaken to ensure construction of this child care centre went as smoothly as possible. A services search was required to ensure new drainage line were clear of services on the steep and busy site to further ensure no hiccups during construction.

Lancaster Avenue, Melrose Park

This huge single dwelling backing onto Parramatta River within Ryde Council was carefully designed to get the best outcome, maximising the views and minimising downpipes on the flat concrete roof. Basement and subsoil drainage connecting low into the drainage system, preventing any dampening of the basement in the future.

Todman Avenue, Kensington

This intricately designed dual occupancy in Randwick Council was carefully designed to take stormwater runoff from all paved areas to the On Site Detention basin. Runoff from this grand heritage-like building was directed to Randwick Council’s drainage system without impacting at all on the character and aesthetics of the structure.

The Esplanade, Cronulla

This upmarket two storey single dwelling in Sutherland Council drains directly to the nature reserve behind the stunning Esplanade boardwalk minutes from Cronulla Beach. The multiple levels on this building made integrating the drainage to the building features a challenge. Liaising between the Architect and Hydraulic Engineers produced the best outcome with all features of this magnificent building effectively draining and structurally sound.

Coonong Road, Gymea Bay

This three-townhouse development in the hidden suburb of Gymea Bay in Sutherland Shire Council only barely drains to the street, with landscape falling away at the rear. An easement through the rear impossible to obtain, drainage was directed along the raised driveway to reach the street – a successful outcome for the developer and all neighbours involved.

Boronia Street, Kyle Bay

This picturesque dual occupancy nestled in ocean view suburb of Kyle Bay within Georges River Council comprises of pump-out and absorption systems. Steep terrain meant gravity drainage and easements were impossible, leaving the only option to drain the flat concrete roof to a geotechnically designed absorption system and direct the basement drainage to the kerb.

King Street, Mascot

This boarding house located in the heard of booming suburb Mascot stands five storeys high and incorporates basement parking. While the area is moderately flood affected, the stormwater system had to incorporate fail-safe design to prevent floodwater entering the basement and causing long-term issues. The On Site Detention tank was located seamlessly below the driveway, preventing any impact to the architecturally designed building, with stormwater water quality filters designed to Bayside Council’s requirements.

Valda Street, Bexley

This three storey house in Bexley sits atop a steep site draining directly into Bardwell Valley Parklands. On Site Detention was designed in accordance with Bayside Council’s OSD specifications to be under the alfresco, totally out of sight and out of mind. Subsoil drainage was designed to keep water out of the basement car parking, keeping the structure sound for its design life and much longer.